Saturday, 25 January 2014

Eclipse Records

A big thank you today to the very kind folks at Eclipse Records who sent me some free albums this morning, this is almost like being a proper rock journo again. Eclipse popped two albums in my inbox this morning from two of the bands on their roster, Blowsight and A Breach Of Silence. I will post reviews over the next week or so.

Rock The Charts currently has 2,600 followers and we are actively promoting new and emerging music to our followers. Out music selection might be eclectic, we're posting videos from the lightest emo pop-rock through to the most brutal death metal, so along the way we're sure that there will be some new bands that you will enjoy.

This week we teamed up with Erupt The Volcano to promote a single by UK rockers States of Panic. The ETV crew tell me that the single has reached #63 on the Amazon chart last night. We'll continue promoting 'Gun To My Head' until the charts are released on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

Bands - do keep on getting in touch, I'll review as much music as possible, and keep on nudging me to share videos and gig news, I'm very busy / absent minded so polite reminders are good.

Followers - we're still looking for both admins for the Facebook page, and some writers / bloggers / reviewers to make the blog a bit busier. Get in touch.

Everyone - keep on sharing us, the more we have, the more reach YOU have, it's a win-win thing.

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